A new fantastic livescores portal has finally arrived

Right now there are tons of websites dedicated to football. They offer a bit of everything, some of them are dedicated to statistics, others concentrate on livescores only, while others tend to be more like a schedule. However, very few sites dedicate to all of these things at once. A new proposal has appeared during recent times, its name is livescores.biz, and it quickly became an absolute sensation among football fans from the entire world. Some of the reasons for this instant success are:

  • It has a level of coverage that is not seen anywhere else. It covers the major tournaments that take place around the world, and also other local leagues with equally passionate fans.
  • Many experts collaborate with the portal, writing their insights, analyses and opinions about what is going on in the football world.
  • It allows people to customize the experience to a level never seen before. Visitors can create a free account which permits them to prioritize news, statistics and scores from the favorite teams and competitions.
It is also equally important to mention that all these services are available for no cost at all, and this will continue to be the case forever, as the team behind livescores.biz has already pledged that their model will never change.

What can be said about the livescores area of the portal?

For a website like this, nothing is more important than the first impression that they create with their visitors. And it is fair to say that livescores.biz has succeeded greatly in this realm. As soon as the visitor reviews this section of the portal, he will be greeted by the most popular matches taking place at that very moment. However, if they already have a free account on the site and chose their favorite leagues and teams, those will be shown instead, this is another aspect that proves how amazing it is to be able to customize the experience. People also have the chance to click or tap in any event displayed on the screen. Once they do that, they will see a well arranged menu where they can review the most important details and statistics of the match in question. In general, the quality and quantity of the information shown at this livescores site is so good, that livescores.biz can also serve as the perfect companion when watching a match at the stadium or through a screen, as it provides further insight about what is happening on the field.

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